Website Design, Illustration Style & Campaigns

Whilst working at ShiftOne Digital Marketing - a UK-based Vitamin Company called JediVite approached the Agency to do a launch campaign and website design educating potential customers in the European market as they were widening their reach. A website which has a Click Funnel Campaign, the first step being creating Awareness about the brand to convert shoppers into buyers. Including a website which had a Click Funnel Campaign, the first step would be to create  awareness about the brand to convert shoppers into buyers. JediVite's Unique Selling Point was that they were the The World's 1st Multi-Vitamin that not only had benefits for all but also attributes including

Halal | Vegan | Natural | Plant-Based | Allergen-Free | Lactose-Free | Dairy-Free | Sugar-Free | Carbon Neutral | Recyclable (100%)  The Multi-vitamin is for every developmental and aging stage in life - children, teens, adults and the elderly. With incentives such as point of sale depots for recycling of the packaging including an incentive that for every three bottles one bottle of Vitamins will be donated to an underprivileged school. 

With all these incredible attributes they owned the pay-off line 

To create a visual language, a digital presence (social and website) and a campaign for the JediVite's conscious consumer - to create a conversation to be able to compete with the current Vitamins on shelf to get more reach internationally. A branding Language for social media and Website Design that had call to actions to be able to purchase and become a supplier for JediVite.

I concentrated on who they were and what they stood for, social media campaign links were created, then a website design and a daily post on social media counting down the launch of the evolution of the Jedivite website. The Lemon Challenge was an idea that the client came up with and it was a single post everyday and wanted to show in 12 images a square for each benefit.

A "barefoot" illustration style - recycled craft paper, photos that show different ages and relationships of people being happy in their daily lives - showing an all-inclusive vitamin with a range of attributes and benefits. Create colours for each Attribute and for each age group. 

I came up with the line 
"heart" me, "heart" you, "heart" earth